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Our vision is to change the future of life altering medical conditions one patient at a time.

Our mission is to bridge gaps in patient care, connect leading specialists to advance the progress of research and extend the limits of traditional and novel therapies guided by global experts.

Global Medical Consulting

Global Medical Consulting in partnership with the Steve Ludzik Foundation and The Toronto Clinic will search for the cure for Parkinson’s. Together we will work on advancing the collaboration of Academic and Research Centres that are on the verge of furthering the possibility of therapeutic breakthroughs in Parkinson’s.

Global Medical Consulting was established as a pioneering program for patients with life-altering medical conditions. The program aims to accelerate the process of treatment and cure of rare and life-altering diseases such as Parkinson’s. Work is being done in areas of Tay-Sachs and certain neurological cancers with success in accelerating disease altering clinical trials of ground breaking therapies.

How we do it:

  • Global Medical Consulting is a pioneering program for patients with life-altering medical conditions.
  • We collaborate with leading experts worldwide and create unique and individualized plans of care aiming at improving patient outcomes quality of life.
  • Global Medical Consulting expands available treatment options, advances research by coordinating funding for revolutionary studies and bridges collaborators to generate comprehensive care plans.

The Global Medical Process:


  • Review and evaluate the validity and feasibility of current scientific evidence
  • Connecting with research centres for collaboration


  • Assisting the patient with navigating healthcare resources
  • Creating a coalition of multidisciplinary experts to address patient needs holistically


  • Exploring and implementing novel curative therapies
  • Developing individualized plans of care
  • Enable more individuals to receive care in a timely manner

Benefits of the GMC Process

  • Providing unmatched care through the implementation of preventative interventions for patients with known risk factors (e.g. genetics)
  • Connecting silos to advance diagnostic techniques and curative therapies
  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary experts in creating personalized care plans
  • Drastically reducing delays to treatments